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Innovation leads to progress — it is our major objective.

Quality is our aim — it is who we are.

Construct a symbiotic relationship with our customers, suppliers and our workers.

We grow with our customers, and satisfy their thirst for innovation.


HYSD companies have accumulated three decades experience in inventing, developing and manufacturing thermo-bonded and air through non-woven fabrics. The existing production bases are located in Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, and new growth opportunities have been searching for in emerging markets.

Safe Products, Consistent Quality and Satisfying Customers’ Needs’ is the core philosophy of HYSD companies whose products are delivered throughout all continents.

Continuous quality improvement, innovation and development of new feature, new function and new manufacturing process non-woven fabrics is the goal that HYSD R&D team strives for, also the concept that the companies uphold to remain sustainable. Furthermore, a strategic alliance with a professional non-woven machine manufacturer is the main competitive advantage. Integrating unique machine design and optimised fiber composition, HYSD companies have been creating the better & the most reliable non-woven fabrics for customers.





Soft and gentle touch feeling, prevents skin rashes and irritation.


Even web formation

The uniformity of the web helps to avoid the problem of super absorbent polymer bleeding.


Fast Strike Through

Fast strike-through for immediate liquid dispersion.


Low Wet Back

Quickly transport fluids from the skin, keep skin dry and healthy.

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